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Case Studies

Joseph Benamin Marquees and Regent FloorStak

23/03/2017 Regent are please to announce that marquee hire specialists, Joseph Benjamin, have continued to invest in Regent’s FloorStak product. This continued investment upgrades Joseph Benjamin’s...
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1. Component Manufacturing Services

vehicle components


Operating as first tier suppliers to the trailer industry, production ranges from large welded assemblies for suspensions and chassis, to high precision components for steering systems.

locks and security components

Locks and Security

A wide range of components and assemblies are made for this industry, including Lock Cases, Covers, and Keep Plates etc. A particular speciality is the manufacture of long thin strip components used in Multi-Point locking systems, such as Control/Actuator Rods and Fascia Plates.

Metal Handling & Construction components

Metal Handling & Construction

Components and assemblies for retail equipment and bulk minerals conveyors are manufactured to meet the rugged demands of these sectors.

Domestic Appliance & Electrical components

Domestic Appliance & Electrical

Exacting standards of accuracy and finish are required to satisfy the demands of these industries, where products include Shielding enclosures for Digital Receivers, Screen Brackets, Lens holder plates, Deflector Plates, and Telescopic Slides for Grill Shelves


2. Proprietary “Regent” Products / Own Products


FloorStak - click here for more information on this product

The increasing demands being placed upon the Event Structures industry to provide safe and secure structures have led us to design the REGENT FloorStak - a simple to assemble, yet secure system for supporting temporary flooring, particularly “cassette” type floors.

Street Lighting & Infrastructure / Street Lighting Standard Range

Street Lighting & Infrastructure / Street Lighting Standard Range

Regent is the UK market leader in the supply of components and assemblies to the Street Lighting Industry, supplying a standard range of Lighting Column Doors and Column fabrication products, as well as customer-specific items.

Standard Products Catalogue, click here for more information.