FloorStak in Finland

April 19, 2013

The Regent on-site team have just returned back to the UK after successfully completing a FloorStak installation at the Hartwall Arena in Helsinki. Regent have supplied a floor support and levelling system for the hospitality tents outside the arena which will be one of the two locations at which the 2013 World Ice Hockey Championship Finals will take place in May.

FloorStak was identified by installation contractors Kataja Event Oy of Jarvenpaa, as a solution to some potential barriers to installing a level floor. The main problem with the installation site was the 1 in 20 gradient from the top of the site to the bottom. As well as the longitudinal slope, the floor also needed to be levelled in the lateral axis because of height variations from side to side of up to 70mm. The versatile FloorStak system allowed Kataja to split their 80 x 20 metre tent into 4 sections over the length of the site, with each section of the FloorStak set at a different height to cope with the gradient. FloorStak also solved the problem of the lateral height differences.

The Regent on-site team helped to assist and guide Kataja staff with the installation which commenced on Monday 8th April. The FloorStak system was erected quickly and efficiently, with over 70% of the floor completed by the end of day 2. This enabled the tent riggers to start erecting the structure very quickly after the first section of level flooring was laid.

Further Scandinavian and European contracts are expected in the near future, and Regent is shortly expecting to announce a long-term distribution agreement for the Finnish and Estonian territories.